It’s January folks, and you know what that means: it’s Rumble season!
January is one of my favourite times on WWE’s PPV Calendar, despite being disenchanted with the product lately (more on that later), but I wanted to kick off the New Year with some positive content.

The Rumble is where the “Road to WrestleMania” starts, and centers around Pat Patterson’s titular brainchild; the Royal Rumble.
With the Rumble match come surprise entrants, these range from legends, to surprise alumni, to women, all vying for a chance to headline WrestleMania for a shot at the WWE World Championship (I hereby refuse to acknowledge WWE’s Universal Championship, because it is stupid. So there). The fact that women have been included in a legitimate cornerstone of WWE’s PPV structure where the winner gets a World Title shot makes most women’s wrestling fans salivate. On the flipside, women in the Rumble are typically there for a pop, last a couple of minutes and are of a more athletic build, basically, a women will not win the Royal Rumble.
This has prompted fans to call out for a ‘Women’s Rumble’, where the winner would receive a shot at the Women’s Championship at that year’s WrestleMania, and I find this happens annually each January as of late. Every year there seems to be a chorus of “Women’s Rumble, woooooo!” without putting any serious thought into it.

Now, if you’re on this site, you’re probably a women’s wrestling fan and conversely, are going to hate what I am about to say type.
The shock! The horror! The shame!
Now, now, now, let me explain myself, it is only an opinion after all.

There are significantly less women than men in the WWE, go ahead and count them. Can you name 30?
Thought not.
So there you go, not enough women. And even if there were enough women, the match wouldn’t be surprising in the slightest, because we could bank on every single entrant. Part of the magic of the Rumble is that we don’t know each and every entrant, we don’t know who might make an appearance or who might possibly return, with a Women’s Rumble we just don’t get that, even Bayley said so in a recent interview:

(Credit to Montgomery Advertiser for the interview)

Another thing to take into consideration is the guaranteed shot at WrestleMania.
Now, as a women’s wrestling mark, I am elated when the women make it onto the card at WWE’s biggest show of the year. But that’s because the girls have earned it, and with significantly less women than men on the roster, that’s a harder thing to do. Giving them a Rumble gives them a free pass to ‘Mania and I don’t believe in pandering to the minority just so everyone is happy, it’s not the nature of the business.

Lastly, I actually enjoy when a woman makes a surprise appearance in the Rumble. It shows willingness on WWE’s part to showcase an extra woman in some capacity, and it’s legitimately entertaining. Remember the pop that Chyna got when she walked out at #30 in 1999 (and #17 in 2000)? The adrenaline rush when you saw Beth Phoenix square up to CM Punk? Or the sheer joy you felt when Kharma dropped Dolph Ziggler with the Implant Buster? With the introduction of a Women’s Rumble, all of that goes away.

That’s my piece on the Rumble, hope you enjoyed!

Leave a comment on who you think would be a viable entrant for the Rumble match in today’s women’s division.


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