Alexa Bliss. Just…

The progress this girl has made in under two years is incredible.
Alexa has gone from being a bland-ass babyface to one of the most interesting heel characters on WWE TV.

Alexa cemented herself in her battles with Becky Lynch over the SmackDown Women’s Championship at the tail end of 2016, winning the title at December’s TLC event. Her mic work, personality, ring work, presence and her star-power have all increased dramatically, and the ‘Wicked Witch of the WWE’ is hot property as a result.
Everything just works with Bliss; her move-set, her attitude and her ring presence, even her cosplaying works; whether she’s paying homage to Harley Quinn or rockin’ the Freddy Krueger stripes- being drastically different to that of one, Leva Bates.

I think what started Alexa on her ascent to the top of the women’s division is her heel turn and subsequent partnership with Blake & Murphy. Alexa was the mouthpiece, allowing her character to vastly outshine the former NXT Tag Team Champions she was managing. Not only did Alexa talk the talk, but she walked the walk; interfering on behalf of Blake & Murphy and even hitting the Twisted Bliss on their opponents! This reminded me of Lita: managing a tag team, nailing her signatures on the guys and getting over as a result, all the while being original in her portrayal and style.

I’m excited to see what the ‘Five Feet of Fury’ brings to 2017, and can see her being a main player in SmackDown’s women’s division for years to come. Just don’t Bliss her off!


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