Who do I have to pay/beg/blow to get Jessicka Havok on Lucha Underground?

I’ve always been a fan of J-Hav, and was personally gutted when her WWE tryout fell through. She’d have been great in NXT and an eventual welcome addition to the main roster. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be what was on the cards at that time.

But it may have been a blessing in disguise……hear me out.

I recently saw Havok at Southside Wrestling‘s Queen of the Ring tournament (http://www.southsidewrestling.co.uk/shop/dvds/queen-of-the-ring) and she was phenomenal. I was there in the second row cheering like a madman, amazed at seeing this woman I’d become a big fan of in just a few short years do what she does best, namely snatch weaves and Chokeslam dudes.
It was during her match with Kay Lee Ray that I thought this woman would be amazing in LU.

Havok is genuinely like no other, charismatic, talented, athletic, can sell a match with a crazed look and a gas mask. But her unique selling point is her size.
Billed at 6 ft 0 in and 200lbs; she’s a big girl.
This allows her to dominate most women she steps into the ring with and square up to any man with an air of legitimacy. I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at seeing Havok in a match with a man or even going the distance in WWE’s Royal Rumble. It’s believable, she’s a tough-as-nails badass who could physically kick the living shit out of anyone.
And this is what makes Lucha Underground the perfect fit for the Havok Death Machine.

LEGITIMATE intergender wrestling, a promotion who have had multiple women challenge for their World Championship, a woman WIN their World Championship, a woman be an integral part of the inaugural LU Trios Tag Team Champions and allowed women to go over men justifiably.
When has any major promotion, in syndication, not made a joke out of intergender wrestling? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

There you go, stop being awkward and agree I’m right.

“But Dan, Havok on LUCHA Underground? Really?”
Yes, person who has never watched LU.

Part of the HUGE appeal LU has is the varied cast of characters with their air of mysticism and uniqueness, which Havok definitely has. You don’t have to wrestle lucha libre.
She also throws a mean-ass Suicide Dive. So there.

Of course, the woman in question may not want to be part of LU, or LU may not be interested (in the latter case, what the actual fuck, LU?), this is just the opinion of a wrestling fan. But hopefully, I can open some eyes to see how much this woman deserves every success in an industry that demands all you have.

If you haven’t already, go check out some of Jessicka Havok’s matches.
Her work in TNA with Gail Kim changes the dynamic of ‘David and Goliath’.


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