“This is a man’s world”, as the song goes. But every so often, a women defies the adage and defeats her male-counterpart with gold on the line.
Let’s have a look at eight women who did just that and won championships only previously contested for by men:

WWE Hardcore Championship

Godfather’s Ho
pinned Crash Holly during a title defence against The Godfather -May 15, 2000, RAW

Cynthia Lynch a.k.a Bobcat a.k.a Ho #4 took it upon herself to pin defending champion Crash Holly during a match with her boss, The Godfather. Crash pinned her 15 seconds later to regain the championship. She was fired soon after (by both the WWE and The Godfather).

Molly Holly
pinned The Hurricane after hitting him with a frying pan -March 17 2002, WrestleMania x8

Molly, then known as “Mighty Molly”-the sidekick of The Hurricane, won the Hardcore Championship in the third of five title changes backstage at WrestleMania X8.
So, in the middle of a defence against Goldust, Champion Maven was pinned by Spike Dudley, who was then chased out of the arena by Crash Holly. With me so far? Good. While backstage, The Hurricane used his Hurri-powers to vanquish the thieving Dudley and claim the Hardcore Championship for the forces of good, only to be betrayed moments later by his partner-in-justice, Mighty Molly and her trusty frying pan. Molly unwittingly ran into a door, inadvertently opened by Christian, who pinned our fallen hero to claim the belt. Christian’s reign lasted a staggering 30 minutes (I wish I was being sarcastic), before being rolled-up by starting champion Maven, who stole Christian’s taxi and rode off into the night.

Trish Stratus
pinned Crash Holly in the aftermath of a Women’s Championship match -May 6 2002, RAW

This one’s a bit of a fustercluck.
Trish Stratus was set to take on WWE Women’s Champion, Jazz, in a no-DQ match.
Trish had formed something of an alliance with Bubba-Ray Dudley to combat Jazz and her partner-in-crime, Hardcore Champ Steven Richards.
So, Trish loses thanks to interference from Richards. Dudley comes to the rescue and pins the Hardcore Champion. Jazz then makes an attempt at the title but is no match for Bubba, this gives Raven an opening to enter, DDT Bubba and claim the battered gold. Before Lillian is even done announcing the title change, Raven gets Superkicked out of thin-air by Justin Credible: 1, 2, 3, new champion. After Lillian manages to announce the title change (while giggling), in comes Crash Holly with a Missile Dropkick to pick up his eighteenth Hardcore Championship win. Bubba comes to and flattens Crash with a trashcan. In slips Trish Stratus; 7-time Women’s Champion, WWE Hall of Famer and G.O.A.T, behind Bubba’s back to win the title!
Bubba is pissed and grabs Canada’s favourite export by the hair, only to be blinded by Jazz with a fire extinguisher. A blind Bubba powerbombs the new Hardcore Champion through a table, allowing Steven Richards to reclaim the belt.
-Just another day at the office, really.

Terri Runnels
pinned Steven Richards mid-interview -May 27 2002, RAW

Terri was interviewing the Hardcore Champion when Jacqueline interrupts (taking umbrage that Richards described Jazz as “cute and cuddly”). After clobbering him over the head with the microphone, the tough Texan goes for the pin only to be dragged off by Shawn Stasiak; who is himself prevented from becoming champion by Big Boss Man. The two men fight each other away from the area, leaving Terri alone with a referee and a prone champion. With a smile on her face, Terri gleefully covers Richards to become the fourth and last female WWE Hardcore Champion. She was pinned with a schoolboy by Richards seconds later.

WCW/WWE Cruiserweight Championship

vs  Evan Karagias -19 December 1999, Starrcade

Madusa managed to become the first woman to hold the Cruiserweight Championship by defeating Evan Karagias at Starrcade ’99. Madusa was Karagias’ manager before she found him flirting with Nitro Girl Spice. Spice proved vital in the closing moments of the match, as she low-blowed the champion, giving Madusa the leverage to win the match and the belt. Spice managed Madusa briefly following this.

& Crowbar vs Chris Candido and Tammy Lynn Sytch -May 15 2000, Monday Nitro
vs Crowbar -May 22 2000, Monday Nitro

Believe it or not, Daffney is a former WCW Crusierweight Champion.
Initially winning the belt in a mixed tag match with Crowbar against defending champion Chris Candido and girlfriend Tammy “Sunny” Sytch on an episode of Nitro. The pair were declared co-champions following the win. One week later, the scream queen faced her co-champion in a match to decide the undisputed Cruiserweight Champion. Following interference from former champion Candido, Daffney inadvertently became sole champion after trying to revive Crowbar.
Her reign lasted just over two weeks when she lost the belt in a triple threat match involving Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Disco Inferno, following interference from Miss Hancock.

vs Chavo Guerrero -4 May 2004, SmackDown!

Jacqueline answered an open challenge on SmackDown, put out by then-champion Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Jackie pinned Chavo with a low-blow and an inside cradle to become only the third woman in history to win the Cruiserweight belt.
She lost it just twelve days later at Judgement Day, following interference from Chavo’s father, Chavo Classic.

WWE Intercontinental Championship

vs Jeff Jarrett -17 October 1999, No Mercy

Chyna won the championship in a “Good Housekeeping Match” (basically a sexist hardcore match) against Jeff Jarrett.
Following the win she gained the services of Jarrett’s manager, Miss Kitty.
Controversy has surrounded this match as Double-J’s contract with WWF ended on 16 October, one day before his scheduled defence against Chyna. Allegations were made that Jarrett demanded and recieved up to $300,000 to wrestle without a contract and drop the belt, cleanly, to a woman. Jarrett has since denied this, later asserting that he was only paid what was owed to him by the then-WWF.

& Eddie Guerrero vs  Val Venis & Trish Stratus -17 August 2000, SummerSlam

Chyna won her second IC Championship during her time as Eddie Guerrero’s ‘Mamacita’.
In a mixed tag match where whoever got the fall won the championship, Chyna pinned Stratus, ending Venis’ reign at fifty-four days.
She lost the belt a mere eight days later in the midst of a triple threat match featuring Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle.

Astonishingly, both of Chyna’s Intercontinental Championship reigns came before her eventual Women’s Championship reign.

So there you have it, eight women who held championships only previously contested for by men.
Who do you think, in today’s WWE, would be a good fit for a male-contested title?
Let me know in the comments below.

Personally, I’d like to see an intergender tag team hold the Tag Team Championships in WWE. C’mon Vince, Nia Jax and Tyler Breeze would be the perfect odd-couple. Or hell, failing that, Paige and Bray Wyatt.


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