Nora Greenwald, f.k.a Molly Holly, joins Colt Cabana on the latest Art of Wrestling podcast. In the interview Nora discusses how she got her start in wrestling, her career and life after wrestling.

Nora has always had the reputation of being wrestling’s ‘good girl’, maintaining a wholesome image and lifestyle both in and out of the ring. Sean Waltman once describing her as “a saint in our business”. On top of this, I found the former Women’s Champ to be extremely down-to-earth, funny and more relatable than I ever would have thought.
Nora reacts to the notion that she is “underrated”, humourously pointing out that she was champion, wrestled at WrestleMania and got an action figure.

Nora also opens up about the compulsive overeating she suffered with during her time in WWE, often comparing herself to her peers and getting the help needed.

Check out the full interview below:
(interview courtesy of Art of Wrestling podcast)

In short, Nora Greenwald in a cool chick.
Nora is currently acting as the female trainer at The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling.


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