…..is not gold.

The landscape of women’s wrestling across all of WWE is in dire straights, this is in spite of the “Women’s Revolution”, new championships and talent.
WWE is misusing it’s women’s championships, to the point where women’s wrestling fans don’t give a shit about what’s going on in the title picture.
The amount of fans on twitter clamouring for the likes of Summer Rae, Paige and even Eva Marie is astonishing…….mainly because Eva Marie is so wooden she could be a pirate’s leg, but for the most part because these women are absent.

Championships aren’t everything. They are props used to reflect how the company views you. But that’s all they are. Props. They were used to get a personality over, make them legitimate for future stories, matches and appearances. Now, they’re not even used for that, not in the women’s divisions at least.

Long championship reigns can be and usually are boring, it takes a magnetic personality and coherent, well-planned storytelling to make an extensive championship reign consistently interesting.

There is one thing worse than a stale championship reign: multiple short championship reigns, or “hot potato” as we so affectionately refer to it.
Quick, seemingly random title changes do nothing but hurt the former champion, as well as the legacy of the championship.
The main culprit of this fuckery is the RAW Women’s Championship.
Let’s look at some stats;

The RAW Women’s Championship, at time of writing, is 330 days old.
In that time, has seen 8 reigns….
…..shared between 3 champions.
FOUR of those reigns belong to inaugural champion, Charlotte Flair.
THREE belong to Sasha Banks, beating Flair each time on RAW.

Statistically, this belt is bad enough.
It has changed hands SEVEN times and is still in it’s first year.
The introductory year should MAKE the championship, and the 10 months since WrestleMania 32 have been a bust in terms of making this title mean something.
The belt was, and is, so so promising.
It has the name fans want, “Women’s Championship”, it has a kick-ass design and was introduced by Hall of Famer and WWE Legend, Lita, in a triple-threat match between three of the Four Horsewomen that stole the show at WrestleMania 32.

WWE has instead switched the belt back and forth without a second thought.
The consequences of this?
-Charlotte is not a credible champion.
-Sasha’s THREE reigns with the belt mean nothing.
-The big, feel-good moments when the babyface defeats the evil heel feel cheapened, because they are on a throwaway RAW with no build-up.
-Fans are losing interest in a division that has constantly struggled since it’s induction.

This all seems in the interest of keeping a streak that no-one cares about intact.
Puzzled? I don’t blame you.
The streak? Charlotte is undefeated in WWE PPV events.

All this serves to do is make Charlotte look like she can’t make it through a RAW without dropping the belt. A credible champion has to look strong UNTIL THEY LOSE THE BELT. That instantly cements the new champion as a legitimate player and adds to the legacies of the former champion and the championship in question.
This has not been done.

Streaks that matter;
-Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak.
-Goldberg’s undefeated streak in WCW.
-Asuka’s undefeated streak in NXT.
-Rusev’s undefeated streak upon his WWE debut.

The above streaks matter because they were executed correctly (for the most part). The concept was thought out and planned, with the exception of The Deadman’s streak.
The fact that Rusev decimated and dominated every opponent until he ran into John Cena is impressive (thanks John, coulda had another main eventer there, but no, you have a run with the U.S Title that you don’t need).
The fact that Charlotte has yet to lose on WWE PPV is mildly impressive, what soils this fact is that she has lost the championship more than anyone else, on TV no less.

Even the SmackDown Women’s Championship seems to be following suit, due to the unfortunate injury of Naomi following her win at Elimination Chamber.
At first, people thought this was a work so WWE could have Naomi win the belt at Mania, which is in her home town or Orlando this year. This is the mindset WWE have: they think of a cheesy-ass moment, pull a swerve then figure out they fucked up. It’s a pattern that’s becoming more and more apparent with the women’s division.

In short, Championship reigns don’t matter but I, as a fan, should not be saying that.


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