Hello and welcome to my write-up of Southside Wrestling’s ‘All Hail The Queen’ live from the Steel City itself, Sheffield.

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Viper def. Ruby Summers

Viper, fresh from a tour of Japan, took on Leeds’ own Ruby Summers.
Viper’s shoulders were taped up.
This was a fun match, as is anything involving Viper. Viper started the match by singing Randy Orton’s ‘Voices’ theme.
After more lyrics and an Orton pose on the middle rope, the match saw Viper dominate.
Whenever Summers managed to mount any offense, Viper put a stop to it -even hitting an RKO OUTTA NOWHERE! at one point.
Although Ruby put up a valiant effort, the veteran Viper got the win with an Elevator Drop.

After the match, out comes Nixon Newell.
Nixon says that she was scheduled to face Alex Windsor, but Windsor is currently out injured. With that in mind, she challenges Viper to a match later on tonight!

‘Session Moth’ Martina def. Lady Katherine Darcy (w/ Savoy)

I’d never seen anything from Darcy, and only seen Martina briefly in ICW, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.
Savoy, a butler, came out with a bottle of bubbly on a silver tray to announce Katherine Darcy. Darcy, adorned in furs and finery, glided to the ring -the epitome of grace and class. Then Martina happened.
Martina was out, can of lager in hand, twerking on a dude two seats away from me and then using the ref as a stripper pole. She was essentially the British version of WWE’s Carmella…..except a bit pissed.
After an alcohol-segment where Martina spat Champagne in Darcy’s face, the match was underway.
Darcy started the match incensed, beating on Martina. Savoy made multiple distraction attempts (while getting a “fat controller” chant, I participated, it was great) before Martina finally got him in the ring and hit him with the Mr. Durexo (it’s the Cobra with a condom). A trip to Darcy hitting Savoy square in the nuts and the Bronco Buster on the Butler made for some good comedy spots.
Darcy tried to gain the upper hand from the distraction but fell victim herself, to Mr. Durexo.

Jade (Mia Yim) def. Shanna

I was particularly excited for this one as I’ve never seen either performer live.
This match was the most hard-hitting of the night, at least technically.
The kicks levvied by both women were stiff to say the least (Jade screamed “you dick” after a particularly hard one from Shanna).
Neither woman held the upper hand for too long, great action here.
Portugal’s perfect athlete showed she had a mean streak in her, sending the former Knockouts Champion tumbling to the outside, into the ringpost and even into the bar (yes, there was a bar).
Shanna got her tree of woe double foot stomp in on Jade, and nearly had the win there.
Jade made a comeback through sheer resiliency and managed to hit her Package Piledriver for the decisive win.
The way that Jade made a comeback but managed to hit her finish like it came from nowhere is a testament to her skill as a wrestler, she was definitely star of the night for me.

Leah & Kasey Owens def. Lana Austin & Melina

Before the match got underway, Lana lead the crowd is singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Melina, who was laughing throughout. The Owens sisters had enough of this and nailed a couple of cheap shots to start the match.
Standard face/heel tag action here, played to the max; Melina kept getting hit with cheap shots while on the apron, looking pissed off -her facial expressions were fantastic.
The Owens’, looking eeriely alike, set about illegally switching places to keep the upper hand on Lana -but a confrontation with the ref put a stop to this.
Lana finally got to her corner and in came Melina!
The Hellcat ran rampant on the Owens’, hitting strikes and a corner double knee on the pair.
Unfortunately, Melina seriously injured herself coming off the rop rope for a thesz press. I thought it may have been a work for around 2 seconds, but the match stopped, Melina wasn’t moving and there was a rushed finish.
The rest of the girls on the card came out to help, providing ice and support.
The bottom rope was removed, and Melina was carried out to a round of applause.

*We wish Melina a speedy recovery and hope the injury is not as bad as it looked.

Nixon Newell def. Viper

After an intermission, the Welsh Beauty, Nixon Newell took on Viper.
This was a fun match, with Nixon shoving over and even hitting a chokeslam(!) on the much bigger Viper.
Both payed homage to Undertaker and Kane throughout, with both women being put down then sitting back up, Viper going for Old School and eventually hitting The Girl with the Shiniest Wizard with a Tombstone Piledriver The Deadman himself would be proud of.
Newell manages to survive Viper’s onslaught and hits two very stiff seated superkicks, before Viper collapses.
After a kick-out, Newell sees her opportunity and flattens Viper with The Shiniest Wizard.
After the match the two hug it out, the crowd loves both women.

Kay Lee Ray def. Candice LeRae

The match started off fast paced, with LeRae going for a topé suicida early on. KLR countered by cracking Candice in the head with a tray. Ref ruled Candice the winner by DQ. KLR stormed to the back.
This is when Candice got on the mic.
“Excuse my English, but that was dogshit! I thought I was here to wrestle one of the best in the world”.
KLR comes out shouting at the ref and Candice. A “no-DQ” chant starts before Candice can say another word. Candice proposes a no DQ match and the referee restarts the match.
Candice charges and nails her topé on a flustered KLR.
KLR retreated to the back and brought out a chair, which Candice managed to defend against.
The girls spend A LOT of time on the outside, seeing Candice hit a diving hurricanrana (there was no padding), and both girls battle at the merch stand and on the bar (yes, there was a bar).
Back in the ring, Candice takes it to KLR, before disappearing backstage for a moment.
Out comes Mrs. Wrestling with a freakin’ ladder.
KLR baseball slides the ladder right into LeRae, showing her creativity in her offense.
The girls fight on the ladder, KLR teases a powerbomb before hitting the mark with a superkick on her opponent.
Eventually the action gets back to the ring, and sees Candice hold her own against Glasgow’s finest. Candice locks in a beautiful octopus stretch, before tilt-a-whirling KLR face first to the mat and locking in the chickenwing crossface. KLR counters beautifully into a koji clutch, with LeRae eventually pulling herself to the ropes.
After some more back and forth, KLR mercilessly hits the Gory Bomb on the chair for the win.
Not wanting to stop there, KLR continues the assault. But Candice fights back, eventually hitting the Balls-plex (minus balls) on the chair to send the crowd home happy.

This match proved that Kay Lee Ray is one of the best women’s wrestlers on the planet, both looked like a million dollars.


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