Hello and welcome to my write-up of Southside Wrestling’s ‘Day of Reckoning’ live from the Steel City itself, Sheffield.
This was the second show of the weekend, featuring two women’s matches.

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Kay Lee Ray def. Jade (Mia Yim) and ‘Session Moth’ Martina

Before the match got underway, Jade and Martina were in the ring having a wee rave during KLR’s entrance -I had a fit of the giggles.
The triple threat was a typical two face, one heel setup, but was nontheless entertaining.
Martina was sent to the outside early on, having a swig of a crowd member’s can of bud.
KLR and Jade soon followed to the outside for a short beatdown involving all three women.
After throwing Jade back in the ring, KLR had a shot of dutch courage with some bud, leaving it precariously positioned on the apron. After a pin attempt following a couple of slams, the beercan toppled over, creating a stream of booze in the ring. The audience was outraged at this waste of precious, precious alcohol.
After a double bronco buster and an utterly stiff kick-exchange between KLR and Jade, KLR picked up the victory with her patented snap Gory Bomb on Jade.

Nixon Newell vs Candice LeRae ended in a no-contest

Candice and Nixon had a thrilling match, with both women showing what they had.
Each woman threw themselves out with a suicide dive early on, though they weren’t floored for long.
This match, full of counters, saw neither women able to hit their signature moves and was a series of hard-hitting strikes and intense, flawless grapples.
Props go to Nixon Newell for hitting a beautiful snap-bridging fallaway slam for a very close two-count.
The match came to a close as both women were trying to execute a front-flip piledriver on one another, Chris Brookes and Travis Banks hit the ring and beat down on both women.
Chris Tyler and WWE UK Tournament competitor HC Dyer made the save, leading to their main-event tag team match.


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