Hello and welcome to my write-up of Southside Wrestling’s ‘Risky Business 2017’ live from the Steel City itself, Sheffield.
The third, and final, event of an action-paced weekend, brought to you by Southside Wrestling Entertainment.

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Guilty By Habit (Robbie X & Damian Dunne) & Kid Lykos def. El Ligero, Ruby Summers & Gabriel Kidd

The intergender trios match saw our first female appearance of the evening, Ruby Summers. Ruby was tagged in to the match against Robbie X, who said Summers belonged in the kitchen and not the wrestling ring. This incited a “sexist bastard” chant from the crowd, GBH and Kid Lykos were heat magnets in this match.
Ruby took a beating during the match, while managing to get her spots in, which consisted mostly of diving attacks -the crowd began singing Kaiser Chief’s ‘Ruby’.
Summers was surprisingly over, receiving a round of applause after the match.
Ultimately, Ruby ate a huge open-palmed strike from Robbie X, which earned the iro of El Ligero.

Shockingly, Southside Heavyweight Champion, El Ligero ate the pin here. Props to SWE for not only going the obvious route in having the sole woman in the match get pinned, but sowing the seeds for a main-event feud in the process.

‘Session Moth’ Martina def. Alex Gracie

This match was more of an extended comedy segment, with Martina being attracted to, and sexually aggressive towards, Alex Gracie.
The match included Martina giving Gracie a boner, humping him around the ring and Gracie and the referee fighting over Martina.
The match ended when Martina caught Gracie with a Satellite DDT.
After the match, the ‘Session Moth’ celebrated by dancing with the referee, before going to the back hand-in-hand with Gracie.

#CCK (Chris Brookes & Travis Banks w/ Kid Lykos) def. The Universes Cutest Tag Team (Nixon Newell & Candice LeRae)

The match started with both women hitting suicide dives on their opponents before they could enter the ring. The majority of the match was spent on the outside which saw some brutal brawling, at one point I lost track of Nixon while Candice was chopping the hell out of Travis Banks.

Candice then took it to Brookes, man-handling him near the merch area before this happened:

This is how you do intergender wrestling.
Other spots included Candice cannonballing Brookes into Travis with a headscissors, a huge crossbody by Nixon on both men, and the Welsh beauty superkick-ing Travis’ jaw off after he tried to escape on an electric wheelchair-bound crowd member. It was a brilliant spot.
Eventually moving back in the ring, Nixon took some punishment from both Brookes and Banks. With Candice providing the distraction, Newell countered an Alabama Slam into a Welsh Destroyer! It was fucking insane.
The hot tag to LeRae was made and she cleaned house, wailing on Brookes before Banks attempted to throw her out of the ring. Candice countered and sent her attacker careening face-first to the floor, right in front of me.
No padding meant Travis busted his eyebrow on the floor. Banks eventually managed to recover and set about attacking Newell on the outside, a distracted candice was rolled-up by Brookes, who had a handful of tights.
Both teams recieved huge rounds of applause after an amazing and chaotic tag match.

Jade (Mia Yim) def. Kay Lee Ray

Our final women’s offering of the weekend saw long-standing Southside rivals Jade and Kay Lee Ray face off.
Before the match can start, Jade grabs her stuff and goes to the back, asking the ref not to count her out. She goes over to the tech table before disappearing.
KLR’s music hits again, and Jade comes out raving to the music again. KLR is pissed.
As soon as Jade is done dancing, KLR launches herself through to ropes at her to a big reaction.
Back in the ring, KLR and Jade lock up, with KLR taking an early advantage. Jade manages to counter and then sends KLR to the outside. Jade again counters  on the outside, not allowing any offense.
Again back in the ring, Jade and KLR go shot-for-shot. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Jade locks in a Tarantula and makes full use for the five-count.
“This one’s for you Melina!”
Last Call by Jade for a close two-count, Melina was watching from the back of the room after her injury the previous day.
Left reeling by Jade’s flurry of attacks, KLR managed to trap her in a tight Koji Clutch, leaving no room to breathe. Jade eventually managed to break the hold, and delivered an audible kick to Kay Lee’s temple.
More brawling followed, but the Koji Clutch had done its damage and allowed KLR to nail Jade with her own Package Piledriver! 1, 2……in an act of supreme arrogance, KLR  lift up Jade’s shoulder. She sets up the former Knockouts Champions for her patented Gory Bomb, but Jade counters and hits a Gory Bomb of her own! Exhausted, Jade gets to her feet and pulls Kay Lee up, hooks her arms, lifts and spikes the two-time Queen of Southside with a Package Piledriver to get the decisive win.

A fantastic weekend for women’s wrestling and wrestling in general. Huge congratulations to all those involved.
If you ever get the chance to see a Southside Wrestling show, I urge you to go; you will not be disappointed.

You can follow Southside on twitter at: @SouthsideWE


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