It has been a while since the last post, and the reason for that is there’s been nothing to talk about in mainstream women’s wrestling, it’s just been sort of there.
Well, apart from a new design for the NXT Women’s Championship.

I wanted to leave it a short while to allow the new design to sink in as, in the past, I have condemned the WWE Intercontinental and RAW Women’s Championship designs only to grow to love them. So, with sufficient time allowed for nostalgia and bitterness to die, let’s compare and contrast the inaugural and new NXT Women’s Championship belts!

The NXT Women’s Championship was introduced on April 5th, 2013 at WrestleMania Axxess. A black and silver design with subtle pink rhinestones was the first, original design and it more or less worked.


There design was met with limited hostility during its run alongside the WWE Divas Championship, with the main grievance being that the women’s championships were the only belts to not feature any gold plating on them, criticising WWE’s treatment of their female performers and pointing out they were effectively treated as second=class citizens in their workplace.
I understood this point wholeheartedly, but the NXT Women’s Championship was (and is?) a developmental title: so I think the silver plating worked in that respect, without detracting from the importance of the belt.

The new belt design unveiled at NXT TakeOver: Orlando, alongside the new designs for the NXT and NXT Tag Team titles, is fitting. Fitting of the new era in NXT. Fitting of the changing of the guard in its champions. The belt has an air of class about it, while maintaining an edge. This isn’t a butterfly, this is a wrestling championship belt.


The belt is very similar to the NXT Championship in design, the underlying message being that women are equal to men by competing for a similar-looking title.
This is the same path WWE went with when introducing the WWE (RAW) Women’s Championship at WrestleMania last year, showing not only consistency across the board, but investment in the women of NXT as well as those in WWE.


Custom side plates appear to be in vogue right now, with all three developmental championships having them. In fact, the only belts in WWE not to have custom side plates are the Intercontinental, United States, RAW Tag Team and SmackDown Tag Team championships, which implies more focus on women than the mid-card or tag team divisions.

In short, I like the new Women’s Championship design for NXT. It’s a welcome change and it also highlights current champion Asuka’s rise of dominance, figuratively ‘upgrading’ the belt from silver to championship gold.

What do you think about the change in belt-design down in NXT? Do you feel a change was needed or unwarranted? Let us know in the comments below.


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