TNA Anthem Impact Fuck That Owl is weird as a wrestling show.

I used to watch it as the Knockouts made far better viewing than any other women’s roster in wrestling, but now I don’t really bother.
I find the product hammy and almost amateur; from the production, to the audience, to the characters and even the announcing….everything just rubs me the wrong way.

Everything except the current Knockouts Champion, Rosemary.rosemary-tna-4213.jpgI find her character captivating and, ironically, refreshing. The Demon Assassin, The Hive, Decay….Decay……..Decay.

Her ring work I could take or leave, which surprises me as the former Courtney Rush is no slouch between the ropes, maybe it’s the character? The environment? The company? Who knows? But the dynamic with each of her opponents is interesting and unique, as none of these women have encountered anyone like Rosemary before and have never had a character like her to portray themselves, yet some of them have faced the woman herself pre-Decay.

As she approaches the record for longest-reigning Knockouts Champion, I’m interested to see what’s next for The Demon Assassin.


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