….thanks, Seamus.

The inaugural Great Balls of Fire event has been and gone, and shit name aside, it was a pretty good show.

There was one women’s offering for the evening in the RAW Women’s Championship match. Champion Alexa successfully defended against Sasha Banks, losing the match via countout to keep the gold. Champions advantage and that.

A countout finish to an otherwise good match on paper looks crap, but this worked, and it worked well. It showed Alexa as an effective and intelligent heel, with the ring work prior to the countout dispelling any notion of cowardice on the part of the Champion.

Another juncture where Alexa absolutely shined is where she faked a dislocated arm.
“But Dan, how can Alexa Bliss fake a dislocated arm?”


Because she’s fucking amazing.

Maggle’s commentary on it was annoying as hell, but Alexa is a gem.

The conflict didn’t end after the countout though, with Sasha taking the fight to Alexa as she exited up the ramp.
Both women battled on the stage, throwing each other into the LED screen and to the floor. Alexa gained the upper hand and was about to plant Banks with a DDT on/through the announce table, but then this happened….


Sasha hits a huge meteora on the champ!

The segment ends with Sasha standing tall, on the table, above a downed champion.

Thoughts: The match exceeded my expectations, and the aftermath was the icing on a very delicious cake….buttercream icing *drools*
Alexa was presented as a devious, manipulative heel. Using her brains to strategise and keep the gold, while keeping her finely-tuned athleticism in reserve, almost making you forget her physical skill.

Sasha attacking Alexa in frustration post-match blurred the lines between heel and face, while showing Sasha’s true character: one who would do anything to demonstrate her dominance over her peers.
Unfortunately, I feel Sasha is still very one-dimensional; her mannerisms, her unnecessarily frequent ‘big’ bumps and her seemingly entitled behaviour, both in and out of the ring.

So, to recap, thoughts:
-Alexa good
-Sasha one-dimensional

What were your thoughts on WWE’s Great Balls of Fire? Enjoy the show? Let me know below.


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