Hello there, you lovely, lovely person! Thanks for clicking on the site.
This is just a little introductory post letting you (yes, you!) know what this is all about.

So I’ve been a fan of wrestling for about 17 years now and a fan of women’s wrestling, specifically, for about 15 years. With the recent “Women’s Evolution” occurring at time of writing, and the influx of attention women of the industry and their matches are getting, I wanted to give the internet my two cents on the matter; as women’s wrestling fans are louder (and more aggressive) than ever.

armdragsandgladrags is a place where I can share my opinions, wisdom (or lack thereof) and views on women’s wrestling as a whole. The site looks to take a lighthearted approach to the subject, while giving fans or those interested a platform to speak, learn and explore. So take a look around and enjoy!

So that’s the main focus outlined, and you can expect regular updates as the products featuring women move along.

Many Thanks

-Dan, January 2017