Standing in the Hall of Fame, ooooohhhhhhoooohhhhh…..

So, with the newest female inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame announced, I thought I'd give my two cents on Women in WWE's Hall of Fame. Remember, this is just opinion -don't be a bitch about it. The WWE Hall of Fame. An account of the all-time greats who have ever graced WWE with … Continue reading Standing in the Hall of Fame, ooooohhhhhhoooohhhhh…..


All that glitters…… not gold. The landscape of women's wrestling across all of WWE is in dire straights, this is in spite of the "Women's Revolution", new championships and talent. WWE is misusing it's women's championships, to the point where women's wrestling fans don't give a shit about what's going on in the title picture. The amount … Continue reading All that glitters……

Crazy is Her Superpower

Today former WWE Divas Champion AJ Mendez-Brooks, better known to wrestling fans as AJ Lee, posted a heart-wrenching entry on her website. The post, titled 'Silence, Interrupted', concerns AJ's struggle with mental illness and how it relates to her motivations behind penning her memoir, Crazy is My Superpower (available for pre-order here). In the post, AJ revealed being … Continue reading Crazy is Her Superpower