WrestleMania: Crowning Glory

As you all know, it's WrestleMania season. So, in the run-up to the 33rd incarnation of 'The Grandaddy of Them All', I'll be dropping some women's WrestleMania statistics and articles. This post highlights the women who managed to win championship gold at the big one. WrestleMania I Wendi Richter Wendi Richter managed to topple Women's … Continue reading WrestleMania: Crowning Glory


Do It Like A Dude….

"This is a man's world", as the song goes. But every so often, a women defies the adage and defeats her male-counterpart with gold on the line. Let's have a look at eight women who did just that and won championships only previously contested for by men: WWE Hardcore Championship Godfather's Ho pinned Crash Holly … Continue reading Do It Like A Dude….