Hello and welcome to Dan’s Top Ten Finishers in women’s wrestling.
As with most things on this site, it is opinion so try and take in another point of view and criticise constructively.

#10 Stratusfaction
Trish Stratus

Stratus’ springboard bulldog perfectly encapsulates the woman herself. Trish vamps up the standard bulldog by kicking off the top rope for extra height, leverage and impact. This iconic move netted Trish just two of her seven women’s championships in WWE.

#9 AP Cross
Ayako Hamada
Hamada’s AP Cross (Diamond)

Hamada’s variation of a Fisherman’s Driver is a crisp, neat ending to a match. The Mexican-Japanese powerhouse blends technique and power in stacking her opponent up and packaging them up nicely to end her matches.

#8 Charlotte Flair
Figure-8 Leglock
Figure-8 Leglock

Ms. Charlotte’s new spin on an old classic is all kinds of right. Not only does it work, but it works for her. Her status as a Flair, her claim of being genetically superior, it all fits.
The Figure-8 is not only supported by her family legacy, but builds upon it as well. It gives Charlotte her own identity while still having the Flair pedigree as recognition.
It also kinda looks like an 8.

#7 Voodoo Drop
Nikki Roxx
Voodoo Drop

Nikki Roxx’s innovation knows no bounds. Her Voodoo Drop, or hammerlock guillotine drop, is a move of her own genius. The move looks genuinely devastating and is impactful, garnering positive reactions from any crowd. Much like the Widow’s Peak (more on that later), this move wracked the opponents from the base to deliver a convincing finish to the match.

#6 Royal Butterfly
Sara Del Rey
The Royal Butterfly

Del Rey’s Royal Butterfly is perhaps the most unique manoeuvre on this list, with its uniqueness lying in its execution. The Royal Butterfly is a strategic submission hold to start with, Sara trapping her opponent in a standing butterfly lock. Painful, right? The pain doesn’t end there -if her opponent shows anything resembling resiliency, she snaps off a butterfly suplex to teach them a lesson.
And yes, that is Amazing Kong on the recieving end of the move.

#5 Eclipse
Ember Moon
Total Eclipse…..

NXT’s War Goddess has a weapon…..and it’s a thing of beauty.
Ember’s finish, technically speaking, is a diving corkscrew stunner -which may be hard to imagine, and to be appreciated it truly has to be witnessed.
The Eclipse is a hard-hitting, impactful and, more importantly, wholly original spectacle. It’s everything a finisher should be, and more.

#4 Scorpion Crosslock
Scorpion Crosslock

Inspired by the Bull’s Angelito of one Bull Nakano, Paige puts her own spin on the move by setting in a double chickenwing as opposed to the butterfly lock. The move has become a staple of Paige’s arsenal, being used to finish a match or punish an opponent outside of one.
Paige’s patented submission has proven inescapable, rubbing salt in the wound for the fact that its victims have to verbally submit.

#3 Moonsault

The moonsault. A graceful, beautiful and captivating dive.
I chose Lita’s moonsault beacause probably only Toyota does it better, but she didn’t finish her matches with the move. When Lita ascended the rope there was anticipation, further built upon the pause as she perched herself on the top rope ready to pull the trigger to win the match. Lita threw caution to the wind, quite literally, while throwing herself back with a whiplash that made the move look that much more wicked. Lita’s moonsault may be the most iconic finishing move for any woman to set foot in a WWE ring.

#2 Black Widow
AJ Lee
Black Widow

AJ Lee’s eponymous submission hold was utter perfection for her and her character. The move lent itself to AJ’s size and unpredictability in the ring; she could apply it with utter conviction or she could twist into it from seemingly nowhere, trapping her opponent indefinitely.
My pick for #2 was between this and Gail Kim’s Flying Dragon, two variations of the same submission. I chose the Black Widow because I feel it had more of an impact, while proving to be more versatile in its execution.

#1 Widow’s Peak
Widow’s Peak

Lisa Marie Varon’s gory neckbreaker takes the top spot due to its viciousness, legitimacy and sheer brilliance. When first seeing the move performed, Vince McMahon reportedly asked Molly Holly if she was okay after taking the manoeuvre. The move looks like it should compact the neck and spine, seeming legitimately painful. The move is, of course, safe as houses and helped significantly in catapulting Varon to success in the industry.

Make sure you let me know your thoughts on this list. You never know, you might change the list.