Continuing with with Top Ten series is Dan’s Top Ten: Wrestlers.
These are my personal favourite women to ever grace the ring.

#10 Trish Stratus


Kicking off the countdown is the quintessential WWE Diva herself, Trish Stratus.
Trish Stratus is my tenth-favourite women’s wrestler because she proved with hard work and determination that you can get to where you want and where you need to be in life.
For someone who started off in fitness modelling, Trish was no slouch in the ring. By 2002, she was the company’s top female.

#9 Gail Kim

Gail Kim is hands down one of the best womens wrestlers on the planet, and at 40 years of age, that’s no easy feat.
Gail has solidified her legacy as one of the best women in the game with her tireless work ethic, her love of the business, her respect for her opponents and peers alike and her technical wizardry between the ropes. That’s what earns her a spot in my top ten.

#8 Jessicka Havok


The Havok Death Machine never fails to amaze me. Her presence alone is enough to take the air out of a room. I had the opportunity to see her live in October 2016 and she did not disappoint. Havok is a completely different dynamic in the ring; her strength, size and ability make for some of the most interesting and unique ring work available.

#7 Ayako Hamada


The youngest of the Hamada dynasty is a high-flying, versatile powerhouse, being like nothing in mainstream wrestling today.
Hamada utilises influence from both her Mexican and Japanese heritages in her work; throwing quebradas as much as a stiff shot to the face, she is different to anything we have seen before when it comes to ring-work.

#6 Nixon Newell

The Girl with the Shiniest Wizard really is something else.
I first saw her at a live show in Sheffield and instantly fell in love. It was a ‘Sheffield Street Fight’ with Kay Lee Ray and while she may have been on the losing end of that exchange, it was an extremely narrow defeat and only endeared her in the eyes of the crowd.
Her valley girl charm, down-to-earth nature and sweet smile are all decieving; she has the stiffest Shining Wizard in the game, and her front-flip piledriver, christened the Welsh Destroyer, is a thing of beauty.
It’s hard to believe she’s only been wrestling since 2013! The future is very bright for Newell, as she is already one of the very best the UK has to offer, man or woman.

#5 Manami Toyota


Manami Toyota. One of, if not the greatest woman to ever wrestle. She is the only woman on this list to hold a five-star match rating (in actuality, Toyota has 17 five-star matches to her name), courtesy of Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Her dedication, innovation and tough nature has lead to her being heralded as one of the greatest of all time, and that is definitely no oversight.

#4 AJ Lee


The Black Widow herself, AJ makes the top five because of how different she was to anyone before or preceding her. Her comedic timing, promo skills and unapologetic character made her a star in WWE, she was involved in main event segments and frequently stole the show. Standing at a petite 5 ft 2 ins didn’t stop her either, she was on top of the women’s division from 2013 to the wrap of her in-ring career in 2015 through determination, unique in-ring offense and refusing to be ignored.

#3 Asuka


The former Kana is one of the best workers WWE has. Male or female.
Her technical prowess and dominating nature make her a force to be reckoned with, and her character and psychology make her captivating to watch, if slightly scary.
As of writing, Asuka is undefeated, the longest reigning current champion in WWE and the longest reigning singles champion in NXT history. How can you not respect dominance like that?

#2 Paige


My fellow country-woman. Paige’s unique brawler-offense made her stand out in a stagnant WWE women’s division mid-2014. Already a 12-year veteran at the tender age of 25, her body of work is proof of this, with her out-wrestling and outshining the majority of WWE’s female locker room upon her debut.
A beautiful woman, Paige differed from her contemporaries’ conventional beauty and offered an alternative, which fans old and new alike gravitated towards.

#1 Lita


My all-time favourite.
She was the first person I felt drawn to as a child when discovering wrestling. Her alternative nature, high-flying style and natural charisma all added to her edgy appeal, mesmerising myself and others.
Whether she was the most over woman on the roster as a babyface or the most reviled person on RAW as a heel, her work speaks for itself. She got the reactions needed to make her a success and love her or hate her, people were watching. Even two very serious injuries couldn’t detract from her popularity, people wanted needed to see Lita.